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Event Management

What is Event Management?

Event Management Services bring communities together and connect businesses with customers through recreational activities and events. This includes organising a variety of events, varying from family and children’s entertainment, sports and health activities to markets and outdoor cinemas.

What are the Event Management Services provided by Concordia?

  • Community events
  • Corporate events & meetings
  • Awards & gala dinners
  • Mall activations
  • Private events

Why choose Concordia for Event Management Services?

Comprehensive solutions

The team manages the process from the necessary permits to providing support services and technical planning for the events. Concordia also provides the additional service of promoting and connecting clients’ events with potential visitors on social media to keep them informed while encouraging them to visit.

Seamless navigation through government regulations

Concordia works very closely with government and private sectors to ensure that all permits, laws and legal requirements to hold events are fulfilled. The team understands compliance and procedures to ensure the follow-through of formalities to a T.

Personalised approach

Like no two events are the same, each event requires a customised solution. At Concordia, the team takes pride in creating tailor-made customised solutions to match every unique event request.

Experience and expertise

The team uses its expertise and experience to curate personalised solutions to strike the right balance between financial practicality and a spectacular impact for clients.

Strong foundation

With over a decade of experience backed by the government, Concordia has the right foundation to provide the necessary infrastructure.

Cost-efficient services

With the right resource management processes in place, the team only uses those that will benefit clients’ projects, thereby minimizing cost impact towards the event.


Concordia’s out-of-the-box solutions ensure creativity, giving brands a competitive edge over the others.

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