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Soft Services

What are Soft Services?

Soft services can be classified as amenities that enhance a workplace. They are known to deliver a comfortable environment to the occupants. Soft Services, if efficiently implemented can improve the performance of the organisation.

What are the Soft Services provided by Concordia?

Why choose Soft Services from Concordia?

Certified to deliver the best results

Concordia is proud to be one of the first BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Sciences) accredited companies in the Middle East and ISO certified for quality management. We understand that appearances matter, therefore we work tirelessly towards keeping the properties that we manage shining!

Superior quality services guaranteed

Concordia’s high quality, targeted cleaning services enhance the aesthetic appearance of a building as well as protecting assets from aging quickly thereby ensuring a consistent quality and fresh experience for all building users.

Expert team, reliable equipment, affordable prices

Our highly trained and customer-focused team uses the right materials, equipment and chemicals to preserve assets, realise cost efficiencies and provide a safe environment for all residents.

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