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Pool Maintenance & Cleaning

How does Pool Maintenance & Cleaning work?

Pool Maintenance is a must to ensure comfort, safety, equipment protection and cleanliness for users.

Water contained in a swimming pool can easily become the ideal breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria. This is the case especially when pools are uncovered and are continuously exposed to elements.

Maintaining the correct pH levels ensures proper effectiveness of chlorine in killing germs and bacteria. It also ensures that the water will not cause skin or eye irritation to the users. Imbalanced pool water can lead to corrosion in pool accessories and equipment.

Why choose Concordia for Pool Maintenance & Cleaning Services?

Certified to deliver the best results

Concordia is ISO certified for quality management. In a world where appearances matter, the team works tirelessly towards keeping properties shining!

Superior quality maintenance services guaranteed

Concordia’s offers one of the best Pool Maintenance Services in Dubai. Backed by reliable expertise, a seamless process is carried out from start to finish.

Expert team, reliable equipment, affordable prices

Concordia’s highly trained and customer-focused team uses the right materials, equipment and chemicals to preserve assets, realise cost efficiencies and provide a safe and clean swimming pool for customers.

Here is what the team ensures while carrying out Pool Maintenance Services

  • Physically remove all sediments and other debris present on the swimming pool surface
  • Vacuum clean the bottom of the pool and ensure that its free of dirt and debris
  • Backwash the filters and ensure proper operation
  • Provide all required tools such as brushes, leaf nets, vacuum hose, thermometers, etc.
  • Top up chemicals as and when required to ensure that the water chemical balancing is in line with the local authority requirements
  • Check the automated dosing system and ensure it is operational
  • Submit a service maintenance report after each cleaning process
  • Appoint and coordinate with a third-party specialists to ensure that Microbiological and Legionella tests are conducted every six months as per the Dubai Municipality requirements

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