Parking Management Services

Parking Management Services

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Parking Management Services

What is Parking Management?

Parking Management Services include parking design, strategy and system implementation to help create efficient parking for residents and office workers, also providing excellent financial returns for owners.

What are the Parking Management Services provided by Concordia?

  • Parking marshals
  • Contactless solutions
  • Valet drivers
  • Green parking solutions
  • ANPR cameras
  • Pay-on-foot machines supply & management
  • Design review and consultancy

Why choose Concordia for Parking Management Services?

Well trained staff

Trained and dedicated staff enforce parking rules and compliance and adhere to City & Guilds standards.

Experienced team of experts

Concordia is the largest independent Parking Services operator in the MENA region. The team is dedicated and committed to the success of each and every aspect of its clients’ parking operations.

High-quality standards

Concordia’s team continuously set the industry standard for excellence and consistently strive to provide exceptional service. Valet Service is the first service experience guests encounter and Concordia strives to make it memorable.

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