Commercial Unit Services

Commercial Unit Services

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Commercial Unit Services

What are Commercial Unit Services?

Commercial Unit Services refer to the services that are crucial for the smooth running of properties that house businesses.

What are the Commercial Unit Services provided by Concordia?

  • Technical Maintenance
  • Energy Management
  • Cleaning & Housekeeping
  • Office Boys
  • Reception Services
  • Security Services & Concierge
  • General Office Support
  • Pest Control
  • Security Systems Maintenance
  • Parking Management
  • Façade Cleaning
  • Car Washing Services
  • Plants Management
  • Pantry Management

Why choose Concordia for Commercial Unit Services?

Trusted by many

Concordia provides high-quality efficient support services to over 270 offices across Dubai.

Well-trained experts

All operatives are highly trained, multilingual and available when needed.

Adds value

The services allow customers to reduce overheads and improve efficiency, giving them more time to focus on managing their core business activities.

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