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Commercial Fit-Out Management Services

What is Commercial Fit-Out Management?

Commercial Fit-Out Management involves services that make a commercial interior space suitable for use. The process includes electrical, mechanical, decorating and furnishing services performed within the space.

What are the Commercial Fit-Out Management Services provided by Concordia?

  • Developing a bespoke Building Fit-Out manual
  • Building an induction process for contractors
  • Drawing management and approval
  • Bespoke reporting software
  • Interior design
  • Project management
  • Day-to-day management of contractors
  • Planned inspections
  • Fit-Out completion, inspection and sign off
  • Project management and interior design

Why choose Concordia for Commercial Fit-Out Management Services?

Efficient and reliable

Planned inspections are conducted to ensure compliance, prevent asset degradation and minimise any damage to the premises or the building. The team provides guidance to contractors, tenants and unit owners to pass every single stage of the process to increase the efficiency of the process and speed up the Fit-Out process.

Experienced team of experts

On behalf of the building owners, Concordia has been offering reliable Fit-Out Management Services in Dubai with over 6,000 office units within commercial and mixed-use towers.

Seamless processes

Detailed processes, procedures and bespoke software packages ensure that customers’ drawings are approved quickly and efficiently and contractor staff are aware of the building rules and operate safely at all times.

Safety is a priority

Contractors and suppliers are provided with Fit-Out manuals and an induction for the specific building’s requirements to ensure full compliance and safety measures are taken into account. A team of professionals puts security measures in place to protect the building and its assets from damage during the Fit-Out process.

Excellent customer service

The solutions are tried and tested with rigorous processes that not only take the aggravation away from clients but also provide great customer service to tenants and unit owners.

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