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Concordia prides itself on recruiting suitably skilled employees, but it is the provision of professional and in-depth training which is essential for preparing an employee for day-to-day duties.

Training Programs

Concordia’s employees undertake various levels of training:

Induction Training: This is the initial training provided to all employees upon commencement of employment. The training covers topics such as culture and traditions in the UAE, the dos and don’ts in the UAE, introduction to Concordia’s values and vision, basic HSEQ, Master Community rules and regulations.

HSEQ: Basic training covering HSEQ policies and procedures, emergency and evacuation response, fire awareness and risk identification and reporting. This enables staff to be prepared to react effectively and appropriately when incidents occur.

Job Training: This second level of training is divided into two sections. The first section is in-house training and the second section is provided by SIRA for Security and BICSs for Cleaning. Depending on the training, the employees might be required to sit for an exam at the end of the training in order to receive their license to carry out their duties.

Onsite Training: Once the staff has been prepared for deployment, they get their induction on site. They work in teams and shadow other experienced staff for the initial period, to ensure that they understand the site logistics, rules and regulations.

Monthly Training: For all staff by department, covering various topics to increase technical knowledge and re-fresh corporate rules and guidelines.

Refresher Training: This is delivered on a regular basis to reacquaint the staff with the material previously studied to bring their knowledge and skills up to date.

In–House English Training for Beginners: Program to improve the level of English among staff, which improves productivity and ability to communicate with various cultures in all areas of the workplace. The goal is to improve four skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

White collar staff:
Sasikumar Manheri Choyicheri – Operations Manager
Faisal Fitriansyah – Soft Services Manager
Caroline Wairimu Muriuki – HR Manager
Jaffar Abbas – Fit out Manager

Senior blue collar staff:
Lonappan Vincent Vadakkoott – Senior Soft Services Supervisor
Prakash Pullikandy – Senior Soft Services Supervisor

Blue collar staff:
Imran Jiya
Jennifer Lazaro Gillana
Maria Agnes Agor Peros
Jawad Shabbir Patel
Mark Joseph Paguio Agpalo
Vasu Shibu
Yashmon Varghese
Gopalakrishna Pillai
Santhoshkumar Punjamonkannimel
Muthubeevi Shakkir Kamaludeen
Sunny Vilayil Geevarghese
Najeeb Kunnappillymyalil Ebrahim
Muhammad Tufail
Rahim Ahmed Khan