Recruitment Principles
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Recruitment Principles

Concordia’s recruitment and selection policy provides equal opportunity to all candidates regardless of their religious believes, culture, gender, nationality or skin colour.

Below are extracts from Concordia’s recruitment policy which demonstrates how the company promotes equal opportunity to all potential and existing employees (full policies can be shared upon request).

Equal Opportunity Employment

In accordance with the equal opportunities policy, the best person to fulfil the requirements of the job will be appointed to undertake the role. This will apply providing the applicant is capable and physically fit to undertake the role in question.
Employees involved in the recruitment process are responsible for ensuring they comply with the equal opportunities policy.


The Company is committed to eliminating unlawful and unfair discrimination against any applicant on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, religion, creed, colour, nationality, ethnic origin, disability or social background.

Hiring the Best Person for the Position

Only qualified and the best-suited candidates will be recruited by the Company. The candidates will be able to fulfil the requirements of the role.

Sourcing Process Management

The HR department will only utilise external recruitment agencies to source candidates once internal methods have been exhausted.

White collar staff:
Sasikumar Manheri Choyicheri – Operations Manager
Faisal Fitriansyah – Soft Services Manager
Caroline Wairimu Muriuki – HR Manager
Jaffar Abbas – Fit out Manager

Senior blue collar staff:
Lonappan Vincent Vadakkoott – Senior Soft Services Supervisor
Prakash Pullikandy – Senior Soft Services Supervisor

Blue collar staff:
Imran Jiya
Jennifer Lazaro Gillana
Maria Agnes Agor Peros
Jawad Shabbir Patel
Mark Joseph Paguio Agpalo
Vasu Shibu
Yashmon Varghese
Gopalakrishna Pillai
Santhoshkumar Punjamonkannimel
Muthubeevi Shakkir Kamaludeen
Sunny Vilayil Geevarghese
Najeeb Kunnappillymyalil Ebrahim
Muhammad Tufail
Rahim Ahmed Khan