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Career Progression

At Concordia we understand and recognise that our main strength lies in our employees and therefore Concordia is committed to ensuring career progression as an effective means to help retain and motivate key employees.

Concordia offers career progression opportunities, for staff to increase their sense of purpose, which in turn fosters loyalty.

Through biannual performance appraisals, skills tests and interviews we can identify the strengths and commitment of employees and reward them appropriately.

Concordia‘s average employee tenure is around 4.5 years, which is exceptional in today’s climate, allowing us to maintain consistency in the communities we manage. During those years we make sure that they grow their career and continue being the most valuable asset in Concordia.

We recently implemented our Long Term Service award and we look forward to rewarding the following 20 employees for their 10-year service.

White collar staff:
Sasikumar Manheri Choyicheri – Operations Manager
Faisal Fitriansyah – Soft Services Manager
Caroline Wairimu Muriuki – HR Manager
Jaffar Abbas – Fit out Manager

Senior blue collar staff:
Lonappan Vincent Vadakkoott – Senior Soft Services Supervisor
Prakash Pullikandy – Senior Soft Services Supervisor

Blue collar staff:
Imran Jiya
Jennifer Lazaro Gillana
Maria Agnes Agor Peros
Jawad Shabbir Patel
Mark Joseph Paguio Agpalo
Vasu Shibu
Yashmon Varghese
Gopalakrishna Pillai
Santhoshkumar Punjamonkannimel
Muthubeevi Shakkir Kamaludeen
Sunny Vilayil Geevarghese
Najeeb Kunnappillymyalil Ebrahim
Muhammad Tufail
Rahim Ahmed Khan