Our Mission and Values

Our Mission and Values

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Mission Statement

To be the leading integrated facility management service provider for the Middle East, recognised for High Quality Innovation, Reliable and Efficient Service, Dedicated Management & Support Resources, and Best Practice Business Processes.

Our Values

Concordia’s passion for people drives our services delivery, and binds our three core values together.


The very best solutions come from our dedicated team working closely and openly with our colleagues, clients and key strategic partners. Effective teamwork requires strong and stable partnerships, respect, sharing and flexibility.


At Concordia, our service leadership is defined by our courage, achievement and integrity. Our leadership inspires and motivates others to push the boundaries of what is possible.


Delivering what we promise, when we promise it! We believe in exceeding our client’s expectations and consistently achieving excellence through our agility, innovation and best practices. Our commitment to support and add value for our customers, drives everything we do.

Why choose us


Concordia’s application of cutting-edge technologies delivers volumes of quality management information. This provides Concordia with a unique analytical perspective which we use to deliver and continuously improve our services, giving our valued customers the most intelligent service solutions and delivery.
Our passion for accuracy enables Concordia to deliver consistent, high service delivery standards to all our customers. Precision is a critical part of our service delivery model. For example, through the full adoption of mobile PPM PDA’s, we know in real time, when our technicians arrive at a job, what they did, what parts they used and when they left.
Efficiency is driven and enabled by our intelligent and precise systems and our exceptional people. It is Concordia’s duty to improve efficiency thereby adding value to our customer’s business eco-systems. Our results speak for themselves – to date our energy efficiency drives have saved our customers over $10,000,000.

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