Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

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Corporate Responsibility

Concordia is committed to operating in a socially responsible manner.

We follow a corporate governance standard that promotes integrity, transparency and accountability in order to protect and enhance Concordia’s value to stakeholders and for the long-term success of the company.

Our integrity is crucial to our business. Concordia is committed to high standards of professional conduct, ethical and fair business dealings with our employees, stakeholders and third-party partners. Our compliance code and compliance structure adheres to our code of ethics.

Social responsibility

We embrace diversity and practice equal opportunity when recruiting and promoting employees.

Tree plantation

We initiate activities to plant seeds for a greener tomorrow.


We embrace the act of recycling across offices and sites.


We ensure the use of eco-friendly chemicals.

Carbon footprint

Energy consumption and carbon emissions are reduced on managed sites.


Efficient and eco-friendly tools, vehicles and heavy machinery are procured.


We conduct regular healthcare initiatives like vaccination drives and medical checkups.


At Concordia, we regularly initiate blood donation drives to give back to the community.

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